Artist Statement

By performing and enacting a series of repetitive transformative actions – whether it is painstakingly braiding and knotting length of tubing, or tearing and gnawing through slabs of foam – through the physicality of my actions, I bestow upon the material an ability to further decay, multiply or spread beyond its original confines. The systems that emerge in my installations contain references to disciplines ranging from topography, biology and the decorative arts. Natural processes are translated, reflected and re-created in my installations. In the process of construction, systems become apparent in the spaces they are assigned to, each self-contained worlds with their own inherent logic.

In creating these installations I have become increasingly aware of the sense of futility that is always present; that what I am attempting to enact is ultimately useless, often a failed mimicry of a real organic, biological process. This fear is a genuine one and one that I attempt to harness to propel my practice forwards. Through my construction of imagined exoskeletons, colonized spaces and fantastical failed repairs, I hope to inject an element of humor and despair into my installations – eventually at the end of the day creating some utility in my futility.